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Qualified Applicants


Many Steps for ILC

  1. Identifying qualified candidates
  2. Confirming skills
  3. Background checks
  4. Legal requirements
  5. Advertising for Canadians
  6. … many other steps!

3 Easy Steps - for you

  1. Talk to us
  2. Interview Candidates
  3. Pick a good Farm Fit



Of course …

… at each stage of the process each farmer works closely with their ILC Consultant to ensure the most desirable outcome. All of our clients have the ILC commitment to successfully match their human resources needs from our extensive and thoroughly vetted global pool of candidates.

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Our story

Like many Canadian farms, ILC is a family business owned by the husband and wife team of Vlodomyr and Victoria Gyshchak. The couple started ILC in the Ukraine with a vision of helping to build others by connecting them with employees who are genuinely enthusiastic about building their own life experience.

It was natural for Vlodomyr and Victoria to look to Canada and the Canadian West in particular, with its rich heritage of Ukrainian settlement. Just as Ukrainians started many farms here, ILC Agriculture is committed to growing farms in Canada by providing vital human resources solutions.

ILC works with many source countries in addition to the Ukraine, including Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, South Africa and many others. In fact while our story starts in the Ukraine, it now covers 30 countries in which we have qualified over 12,000 outstanding employees.

What separates ILC from other human resources providers is our simple, strong commitment to getting things right for the farmer. The Farm Fit Approach guides us to ensure we find the Right People with the Right Skills for the Right Farmer. We genuinely care about our farmers clients, our employee candidates, our business associations and our employees, and we expect that care to show up in everything we do.

Don’t Get Caught by Inexperience


Check Certification

Does your provider have all the required government certifications?

ILC does.


Check Fee Sources

Does your provider charge candidates a fee for the chance to work for you? If so, it could mean serious problems for you because it is an illegal practice.


Check Success

Many people seem to “fall into” the recruitment business. Be sure to ask how many employees they have landed in Canada successfully. Don’t be shy about asking for real farm references.

Key Factors


Ease of Access

A friendly ILC professional will walk you through every step.

The paperwork can be intimidating. We’ve got you covered.


Guaranteed Fit

If within the first 60 days on the farm you decide your candidate does not fit, we’ll get you a replacement at no added cost.


Working with government

It doesn’t help farmers to have someone constantly picking a fight. ILC works with governments to get things right.


Skills to fit your need

If you need high skill levels such as operating heavy equipment or entry-level farm labour, we’ll make the match.


Travel is not your worry

ILC will work with the candidate and you to ensure trouble-free travel arrangements to get your employee from the source country to your community.


Life Details

We meet the arriving worker and take care of basic needs like getting a drivers license, Social Insurance Number, Health Card, setting up a bank account – all the administrivia of being employed in Canada.

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